The Unicaf Online Journal (UOJ) is an interdisciplinary, Open Access, peer reviewed Journal. It publishes articles that fall under specific calls on a rolling basis. Periodically, special issues are published.

The Unicaf Online Journal (UOJ) publishes original contributions, research articles, review articles, case studies, book reviews, technical notes, commentaries, books, theses and dissertations that are relevant to the five disciplines it covers namely: Business, Education, Public Health, Social and Political Sciences, Technology and Sciences.

Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis or even simultaneously by the five different Journals that fall under the UOJ umbrella.

Aims and Scope

The Unicaf Online Journal aims to serve as a transparent forum for the promotion, presentation and discussion of research. Its goal is to embrace innovative research from different disciplines and be established as a hub of communication for researchers and practitioners. We envisage making research openly accessible to the broader audience of people and businesses while contributing to the grand design of enriching knowledge of specific scientific topics, and having a direct impact on local communities.

Disciplines covered

We accept papers that fall under the following areas:

• Business

• Education

• Public Health

• Social and Political Sciences

• Technology and Sciences