Unicaf Online Journal – Business


Editor-in-Chief: TBA


Associate Editor: Dr Nathan Musonda

Editorial Board: Dr Dennis Kapyata, Dr Costas Photiou, Dr Georgios Afxentiou, Dr Ilias Vlachos, Dr Eleni Makri, Dr Victor S. Sohmen, Dr Ursula Schinzel


Unicaf Online Journal – Education


Editor-in-Chief: Dr Lupiya Daniel Mpolomoka

Dr. Daniel L. Mpolomoka is the Dean of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Unicaf University in Zambia. He has 14 years of professional experience as a lecturer and researcher. Dr Mpolomoka taught at various government secondary schools before taking up lectureship at Zambian Open University (ZAOU), were he served in many key administrative positions. He has won scholarships and awards too, one of them being the Harmonization, Accreditation and Quality Assurance in African Higher Education (HAQAA2), October, 2022–January, 2023, which culminated into a Diploma certification. His research interests include: Literacy Studies, Technological Education, Open and Distance Education in Higher Institutions of Learning, Adult Education, Special Education and Early Education Studies. He has made paper presentations at local and international conferences. He has also published various articles in local and international refereed journals. He is an editorial board member / reviewer for many reputable scientific journals.


Associate Editor: Dr Isaak Papadopoulos 

Dr Isaak M. Papadopoulos has been the Head of Department of Education, School of Doctoral Studies – Unicaf University. He holds a BA in Primary Education from the University of Western Macedonia in Greece and a master’s degree in Language Teaching for Students with Learning Difficulties from the Degli Studi Roma Tre University in Italy. He has pursued his PhD in Applied Linguistics focusing on Persuasive Intercultural Communication at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki while his post-doctoral research was related to Translanguaging and Intercultural Communication in Primary Education. He has taught in various universities in Europe, while he has served as course developer and lecturer at international institutes of higher education too. His research and teaching interests focus on language teaching to young learners, bilingualism/multilingualism as well as reading/writing skills teaching in preprimary and primary school. He has presented his research at international and national conferences. He has authored and published four scientific books of his own, edited eight academic volumes and also written chapters in books as well as articles in international journals and conference proceedings.


Editorial Board: Dr Joyce Wangui Gitau, Dr Melody Modebelu, Dr Augustine Terfot Ngwana, Dr Tanya Marie Hathaway, Dr Vasilios Zorbas


Unicaf Online Journal – Public Health


Editor-in-Chief: Dr Robert Ridley

Dr Robert Ridley’s career spans academia, industry, international public health and diplomacy.  He was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University in Malawi in July 2020, after serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor from October 2018. He was previously Vice-Chancellor at Mzuzu University in Malawi from 2013 to 2017, and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Malawi from 2011. His academic expertise covers malaria drug and vaccine research, public health, public private partnerships and innovation, with over 100 scientific publications and several patents. Following an honours degree at Cambridge University and a PhD at Wolverhampton, he held positions at the University of Malawi, McMaster University and Edinburgh University from 1980 to 1992.

From 1992 to 1998 he was a Vice-Director at Roche pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, heading their malaria drug discovery programme. In 1999 he was instrumental in establishing the Medicines for Malaria Venture, an international public private partnership linking academics to pharmaceutical companies through the provision of grants for the discovery and development of antimalarial drugs, where he served as Acting Chief Executive Officer and as Chief Scientific Officer. From 2002 he joined the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) at the World Health Organization in Geneva, where he was Director from 2004 till he returned to Malawi in 2011. TDR provides support for research and capacity building on diseases of poverty, acting at the interface of research, evidence generation, policy and the implementation of health interventions for the strengthening of health systems.


Associate Editor: Dr Olga Novokhatskaya

Dr Olga Novokhatskaya is a biologist and medical geneticist currently serving as the Dean of the School of Doctoral Studies (Federal) at Unicaf Ltd. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology from Petrozavodsk State University and a Master’s degree in Medical Genetics from the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. Dr Novokhatskaya earned her PhD in Biology from the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Throughout her career, she has worked both independently and as a team member on research projects related to fish parasitology, the parasite fauna of eutrophicated lakes, endangered species, invasive species, acclimatization, and long-term changes in parasite fauna, among others. Her contributions to these fields have resulted in several peer-reviewed articles and presentations of her research findings at numerous national and international scientific conferences.

Dr Novokhatskaya's expertise extends beyond traditional biology and genetics. After successfully completing her Master's Thesis Project, which played a pivotal role in the research and development of innovative non-invasive prenatal testing technology, she joined NIPD Genetics Ltd. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in promoting the newly developed product for the prognosis and prevention of genetic diseases on an international scale.


Editorial Board: Dr George William Nasinyama, Dr Yiota Apostolou Christou, Dr Marios Kantaris, Dr Victor Adamu, Dr Gabriel ODida, Dr Anthony Simiyu, Dr Wilfred Masebo


Unicaf Online Journal - Social and Political Sciences


Editor-in-Chief: Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe 

Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe is the current Vice Chancellor at Unicaf University in Zambia and holds a Ph.D. in Education from University of Huddersfield, UK. Christine is the author of the highly acclaimed books titled “The Effect of Cultural Traditions on the Education of Women” (2010), “Followers as a Key Variable in Organization Success” (2020) and “The Basics of Research: Making Research Easy for Student” (2022). Her research focus is on women and Children, Human Resource Management and Leadership, Education and Social Sciences where she has published a number of journals on different subjects and contributed chapters to Books. Christine has supervised over 30 PhD students who have successfully graduated. She continues to supervise and examine PhD and masters’ students in various universities. She is reviewer of books and journals for a number of universities. She has contributed to the advocacy of the Return Policy through her research, which was a UK DFID funded programme and implemented by the British council. She has reviewed a research project undertaken by University of Huddersfield that focused on women and babies in Zambia. She is a co initiator of the Dementia Project being undertaken by Unicaf University in Zambia, University of Huddersfield and Kanyama level 1 Hospital. She is an established Corporate Trainer, outstanding public speaker as well as Keynote Speaker at various local and International Conferences.


Associate Editor: Dr Marirajan Thiruppathi

Dr Mariarajan Thiruppathi holds an interdisciplinary PhD in community governance and resource management and currently serving as an Associate Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Unicaf University in Zambia. His cutting-edge research in the areas of sustainable livelihood, community governance, exclusion of marginalised communities, fisheries management, traditional knowledge, climate vulnerability & resilience, and sustainable agriculture has been published in more than 30 peer-reviewed books and journals. He is a well-known educationalist with a background in action research. In his role as a research supervisor, he oversaw 8 master's students and 1 doctorate student, helping them to produce effective research results and he taught social work and sociology courses at the diploma, degree, and masters levels as part of the teaching and learning process. In collaboration with local, national, and international intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, he engaged in action research, development, and outreach initiatives. He provides training, curriculum development, and programme accreditation consulting services to universities and non-profit organisations. He also serves as an active member of editorial boards, an external examiner, and an adjunct professor for numerous organisations and institutions.


Editorial Board: Dr Christos Peristianis, Dr Steve Lawrence Sharra, Dr Nalita James, Dr Wilfred Masebo


Unicaf Online Journal – Technology and Sciences


Editor-in-Chief: Dr Reginald Dennis Gwisai

Dr Reginald Dennis Gwisai is a scientist with expertise in environmental health, pollution, and quality management, boasting approximately two decades of experience in teaching, research extension, and consultancy services. His areas of interest encompass waste management and pollution control, water, air, and soil pollution, water resource development and management, sustainable development, data science, land use and land cover dynamics, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, safety, health, and environmental issues including law, risk assessment, and auditing. He also delves into wastewater concerns, health interventions, and the impacts of point pollution sources such as mines, smelters, farms, and landfills on both the environment and human health. His main contribution lies in multidisciplinary and collaborative experimental work, field research, and modeling aimed at addressing waste management challenges in both rural and urban communities, including residential areas. He places special emphasis on comprehending complex environmental management systems, with a particular focus on issues related to climate change, the circular economy, technology transfer, innovation, and industrialization.

Throughout his career, he has published over 17 papers and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals and books, in addition to presenting seven conference abstracts and delivering 31 conference papers. He has also engaged in two consultancy projects funded by the United Nations. Over the past seven years, he has served as a managing editor for one journal and has contributed as a reviewer for 36 different journals. His current keen interest is collaborating with the Unicaf Online Journal in Technology and Sciences (UoJT&S) to explore a distinct model of scientific publication. He has personally received two international awards for his research work: the CODESRIA Small Grants Programmes Award for thesis writing in 2009 and the IPCCC International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme's second-best poster presentation in 2013.

Dr Gwisai is a member of various organizations, including the National Standards Bureau in Zimbabwe (Standards Association of Zimbabwe - Environmental Management Systems), the African Organisation for Standardisation (with a focus on Ecolabelling, Sustainability, and Resilient Systems), the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe (a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development), the Occupational Safety and Health Africa body (OSHAFRICA), and he holds the esteemed title of a fellow at the Zimbabwe Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (ZIOSH). He envisions an environment where young researchers actively contribute to the development of the Unicaf Online Journal of Technology and Sciences by submitting articles, participating as reviewers, and producing high-quality content in the fields of Technology and Sciences.


Associate Editor: TBA


Editorial Board: Dr Mohammed Kamaruddeen Ahmed, Dr Stanley M. Githinji, Dr Joyce Wangui Gitau, Dr Loganathan Krishnaraj