Research Misconduct refers to the: “Fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing,
performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results” (US Office of Research Integrity).
Honest error or differences in opinions is not considered Research Misconduct.
Unicaf Online Journal takes any case of misconduct seriously. For that reason, all authors need
to submit a proof that the research conducted is in compliance with the code of ethics of their
institution or the relevant association to the subject matter of their research. The editorial board and
the reviewers are informed of all the forms of misconduct in order to be able to identify it and act
In case of a misconduct allegation, the editor-in-chief and a handling editor will be undertaking
the issue. In case of a proven misconduct, the COPE recommendations
are followed. Hence, the editor-in-chief and the handling editor may decide to issue a corrigendum or
decide retraction of an article in accordance to its policy